Chad: Impoverished and Intersectional

Chad, a republic landlocked in Central Africa, is a country that inadvertently has become a cross-section for many cultural attributes. The nation itself houses over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups with the vastly different Arabic and French as the official languages. With a multitude of faiths in the area, Islam and Christianity are the […]

A National Strategy for Reducing Poverty: Chad

By Connor J. Wangler Divided is a good word to describe the Republic of Chad. Divided geographically between the Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa. Divided between northern Muslims and southern Christians. Divided in its politics. Divided in its distribution of wealth and opportunity. According to the World Bank, about 46.7% of the Chad’s population lived below […]

Poverty Level and GDP in Chad

Chad, located in central Africa, suffers economically with an inability to develop due to it’s geographical remoteness and land-locked situation. Bordered by Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Sudan and Central African Republic, Chad is often–and sadly–overlooked. However, over the past decade, the GDP has been steadily increasing to where it rests today; at $11.02 billion. This […]

Poverty: An Answer More Complex than MDGs

As Americans we live in a privileged world where often times poverty is viewed on a purely nominal level. We can justify our economic status based on the “poverty line” based on wages but cannot judge poverty based on privileges and rights we easily get. These rights and privileges include voting rights, religious freedom, access […]