Rulers, Constituents, and the Impoverished

The “Big Man” focuses is on a lot of individual power within one leader while the Cheetah generation is a younger generation focused on individual rights, quite the opposite as the former. The Cheetah generation can be seen as younger with peaceful ideals of freedom and liberties for all. The elitism of leaders can be seen as reminiscent of colonial eras of most African nations. (e.g. Robert Mugabe.) Zimbabwe is a good example of overall poverty being a consequence of elitist and ruthless power. The country  faces civil violence, inflation over 1000 percent, and poverty around yet Mugabe stays wealthy and rules almost absolutely.

NGOs work to maintain Cheetah ideals of liberties for all but no efforts go without consequences. Even with humanitarian efforts in “Big Man” countries where sectarian violence is prevalent, there can be hurdles to provide aid to those that are oppressed and in need.

Women can largely be considered of the “Cheetah” generation. Consistently, they are the most oppressed group in the African Union. Easily in my nations, they can be treated as property, violated in the most inhumane ways, and oppressed into voiceless, impoverished bodies. On the contrary, these women also have the most passion for gaining  liberties and maintaining them, not only as women but also as mothers, sisters, and caregivers.


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