The Success of the MDGs and Looking to the Future

The Millennium Development Goals are a outline of a global plan that aims to help developing countries, but because they are so sweeping, their goals are broad and difficult to accomplish. They do not provide a specific way to approach specific problems that these countries have. Although they mean well, they must be sure that their actions don’t exasperate the issue or create another one in its place. Additionally, not all of these goals can be accomplished without an organized guideline of where aid is needed most.

Source: Columbia University

Many organizations have shown their support in helping the MDGs become reality. The World Bank is one such organization that provides loans, advice, and resources to over 100 developing countries. By sending financial aid to these nations, they are able to keep them from imminent ruin. They are aided by the International Money Fund, which also provides financial stability and helps establish trade. Unfortunately, these organization’s humanitarian efforts can often have unforeseen consequences. They cannot be sure that their financial aid is truly helping those in need and corrupt governments can take advantage of their generosity. This sudden influx of currency can also change the economy, causing inflation and financial turmoil.

As a region, sub-Saharan Africa is the furthest from reaching the goals of the MGDs. However, many countries within this region are on track to complete the goals by 2015. Ethiopia has made great strides in many of the MGDs, including: child mortality rates, combating HIV/AIDS, ensuring environmental sustainability, achieving universal primary education, and eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. These statistics show that Ethopia is on track to complete five of the seven MGDs, which is a commendable effort. Ethiopia is not the only country that is making great strides – many of the sub-Saharan countries have at least made significant process towards one or more of these goals.

While some of the goals are seeing success, the general nature of the MGDs means that many of them will not be completed. Purely financial aid is not enough, and sustainability must be the end goal of the MGDs. This is seen even more so when financial goals are not met or the money isn’t organized to go to where it was intended. We must look at the results of the MGDs and decide how to approach these goals after 2015.


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