Investing in Africa

As we have seen with our research thus far, Dambisa Moyo is very confident with the people of Africa and feels that wealthy nations should invest in both the people of these countries and the development of their infrastructure. There are many things that a nation could gain from investing in an impoverished land and […]

Getting the Job Done in Sub-Saharan Development

By Connor J. Wangler Implementing robust and comprehensive development schemes across Sub-Saharan Africa has required a myriad of reforms and innovations. The path to self-sufficiency may seem clear to some, but, in reality, it is marked by tension and obscureness. There have been several small-scale successes, but the large-scale reforms and initiatives have seen mixed […]

It’s hard for foreign investors

Foreign direct investment is when a company located in one country invests directly into production in another country either by buying a company in the foreign country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country. Is sounds like a really great thing, but there must be some reason that not everyone is […]

Can the rich afford aid?

In chapter 15 of Jeffrey Sachs’ The End of Poverty, Sachs addresses one of the most pressing questions that presents itself while addressing global poverty and it’s potential solutions. Aid is needed, so who will give the aid? The people who have the money. But if the people who have money give it away, then they will […]

The Fad of Humanitarian Aid

Recently in western culture, celebrities and humanitarian aid have seemed like a natural combination – many high profile stars have used aid to make themselves seen as a global force for good. Unfortunately, these “electric guitars”, or celebrities, have drowned out the voice of those who understand the true plight of these cultures. When Moyo […]