Financing Women’s Empowerment

By Connor J. Wangler For thousands of years in the human existence, the dichotomy of male and female privileges has remained unquestioned by most. Relative to our time here on earth as a species, there has been a recent wave of protest against the defined roles, stigmas, and stereotypes placed on genders. The economic realm […]

Getting the Job Done in Sub-Saharan Development

By Connor J. Wangler Implementing robust and comprehensive development schemes across Sub-Saharan Africa has required a myriad of reforms and innovations. The path to self-sufficiency may seem clear to some, but, in reality, it is marked by tension and obscureness. There have been several small-scale successes, but the large-scale reforms and initiatives have seen mixed […]

Propelling Poverty Reduction Strategies Requires Clarity

By Connor J. Wangler There are countless strategies for extreme poverty eradication being peddled by a myriad of actors, everywhere from private non-profits to international organizations. Each focuses on what areas its creators have deemed the most important for focusing aid and effort. Renowned aid-economist Jeffrey Sachs is no different in making a public plea […]