Women in Kenya

For our final group project, our group is focusing on the 5 areas that Jeffrey Sachs says countries need to invest in to eradicate poverty. These areas are agricultural inputs, basic health, education, power, transport, and communication services, and safe drinking water and sanitation. I’m focusing on Kenya’s development and investment in these five areas […]

Righting Wrongs: The Day of the Girl

In many civilizations, women have taken a back seat to men and found themselves trapped in unfair gender roles. While men have the ability to receive educations, become business owners and engage in free trade, women face inequalities in resources, support and access. As many African countries develop and industrialize, it has become more apparent […]

Preventing Sexual Abuse in Africa

One of the biggest inhibitors of female success in Africa is the sexual abuse some women face. Here are some staggering facts about sexual abuse according to Advocates for Youth: 46 percent of Ugandan women, 60 percent of Tanzanian women, 42 percent of Kenyan women, and 40 percent of Zambian women report regular physical abuse. […]

Empowering African Women

Even most of the earliest of documented societies had specific roles that men and women filled. Men were the hunters: they had jobs, provided for their families and were the breadwinners. Women were the homemakers: they had children, provided care and were their husband’s domestic counterparts. Unfortunately for many developing societies, these roles have not […]

Women in the Workforce

Many cultures throughout history placed women and men in different niches. Traditionally, the man is the bread winner. He does the hard labor. He has a job outside of the home. He fits the gender role of a strong, masculine character. In these cultures, the woman stays at home. She has children and raises them. […]

Breaking the Cycle: Poverty-Reducing Initiatives in Africa

The Grameen Foundation’s motto is simple: connecting potential. The foundation says it helps the poorest people in the world reach their full potential by matching their skills with the resources they need to succeed. Many Sub-Sahara African countries are finding success by partnering with the foundation in different projects. One of those countries is Ghana. […]