Educated Women Chasing Equality

Throughout history, women and men have always been considered different – men are the strong, able workers, who provide for the family, while women are the homemakers, who care for children and provide comfort for their husbands. While men were out advancing their skills, learning, and being given chances to improve themselves, women were always […]

Investing in Africa

As we have seen with our research thus far, Dambisa Moyo is very confident with the people of Africa and feels that wealthy nations should invest in both the people of these countries and the development of their infrastructure. There are many things that a nation could gain from investing in an impoverished land and […]

The Fad of Humanitarian Aid

Recently in western culture, celebrities and humanitarian aid have seemed like a natural combination – many high profile stars have used aid to make themselves seen as a global force for good. Unfortunately, these “electric guitars”, or celebrities, have drowned out the voice of those who understand the true plight of these cultures. When Moyo […]

Moyo and Humanitarian Aid

Africa has received billions in aid in the past 50 years and some argue that this aid has created a dependency that cannot be reversed. Dambisa Moyo, an economist from Zambia, has spoken out against this method to reduce poverty in her book, “Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There is a […]

Senegal: Democracy, Human Rights & the Future

By Liz Stratman and Devin Bailey According to the Congressional Research Service, Senegal is viewed by the United States as an African democratic leader who is “an anchor of regional stability,” as well as “a partner in addressing developmental challenges and combating transnational security threats.” Despite struggles with poverty and a low-level separatist insurgency in […]