Development Requires Growth in the Right Direction for Sub-Saharan Africa

Every victory, no matter how small, is indeed a victory. However, small victories lose their sweetness after awhile. After decades of innovations, development schemes, variations of aid, and pressures on infrastructure, the most sub-sahara Africa can boast about is even managing to stay afloat, much less sail. Small-scale endeavors, such of that from Grameen Bank, […]

It’s hard for foreign investors

Foreign direct investment is when a company located in one country invests directly into production in another country either by buying a company in the foreign country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country. Is sounds like a really great thing, but there must be some reason that not everyone is […]

Can the rich afford aid?

In chapter 15 of Jeffrey Sachs’ The End of Poverty, Sachs addresses one of the most pressing questions that presents itself while addressing global poverty and it’s potential solutions. Aid is needed, so who will give the aid? The people who have the money. But if the people who have money give it away, then they will […]

Electric Guitars are Just Louder Than Voices

When author Dambisa Moyo was quoted as saying,”My voice can’t compete with an electric guitar,” she was not referring to a battle of the bands. In Western aid culture, we are known for getting our most famous celebrities, high brow actors and legendary rockstars involved in the money-raising and awareness heightening process. But the fact […]