Aid & the Washington Consensus

“Aid has been, and continues to be, an unmitigated political, economic, and humanitarian disaster for most parts of the developing world.” — Dambisa Moyo (Image Source) According to Dambisa Moyo in Dead Aid, there are four alternative sources of funding for African economies. African governments should: follow emerging Asian markets. This is because they are […]

Emerging Africa: The Cheetah & Hippo Generations

(Image Source) If you go back in African history, you can see a divide of two classes of people. There’s the “hippo generation” and the “cheetah generation.” In Chapter 7 of Emerging Africa – How 17 Countries are Leading the Way, Steve Radelet talks about a new generation of leaders. Ghanaian scholar George Ayittey has begun to […]

MDG Achievement in Africa

According to Chapter 1 in the MDG UN Report: Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are a set of goals that address extreme poverty from hunger and disease to exclusion, as well as promote gender equality, environmental sustainability and education. The targets also serve as basic […]

Senegal: Democracy, Human Rights & the Future

By Liz Stratman and Devin Bailey According to the Congressional Research Service, Senegal is viewed by the United States as an African democratic leader who is “an anchor of regional stability,” as well as “a partner in addressing developmental challenges and combating transnational security threats.” Despite struggles with poverty and a low-level separatist insurgency in […]

Poverty & MDGs

(Photo from In Jacqueline Novogratz’s TED talks she makes a point of defining poverty, beginning by saying “four billion people on Earth make less than four dollars a day.” Society is referring to these people as people in poverty, “the poor.” She gives an example from where she works in Karachi and Nairobi where […]